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Who we are?

we are 4play

4Play is a data-driven streaming platform for businesses of all sizes,

providing an intelligent music experience while creating

a win-win copyright claim solution for businesses

and artists with personalized music for your brand, fixed prices, transparency, and budget control.


4 who?

Music & brand match

4Play specializes in curating music that perfectly matches brands worldwide.

Our carefully crafted playlists foster customer engagement

and drive significant sales growth for businesses.



4 artist


The heart of 4Play lies in cultivating meaningful relationships with the most exceptional artists in the industry.

Their immense talent fuels our passion to deliver top-notch music to businesses. Employing cutting-edge technology, we ensure no artist remains unnoticed. In a groundbreaking move, we empower artists by granting them access to playback data in businesses, enabling them to receive well-deserved rewards directly and transparently way from our system.

4 Technology

Our platforme

4Play’s unmatched music streaming platform

where every beat, note, and moment is flawlessly orchestrated.

Get ready to redefine your groove with thrilling features.

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4Play Unlimited 

Music & Brand Matching


Per Month - Royalties included!

4Play’s experts will analyze the brand’s atmosphere and curate personalized playlists for it 

10 Days trial free

Access to all content
Scheduler Playlists

Ads system

Technical Support

4Play Radio 

+25 Stations


Per Month - Royalties included!

Best suited for business owners who want to play music automatically without attention.

10 Days trial free

25+ 4Play’s Radio Station
Scheduler Radio Station

1 User for Player

Access to 4Play Remote APP


4Play Prestige 

Special Offer


Contact with Sells

Exclusively for enterprises with 20+ zones. Get all Essential and Unlimited features, supercharging your business capabilities.

Free Music Access

Flexible Billing Options

Assisted Onboarding

Priority Support

Personal music editor



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    • cover play_circle_filled

      01. Feel my dreams
      Tom Cuffia

    • cover play_circle_filled

      01. Cyborgphunk
      Grover Crime, J PierceR

    • cover play_circle_filled

      02. Glitch city
      R. Galvanize, Morris Play

    • cover play_circle_filled

      03. Neuralink
      Andy Mart, Terry Smith

    • cover play_circle_filled

      04. Chemical happyness
      Primal Beat, Kelsey Love

    • cover play_circle_filled

      05. Brain control
      Grover Crime

    • cover play_circle_filled

      01. Neural control
      Kenny Bass, Paul Richards

    • cover play_circle_filled

      02. Prefekt
      Kenny Bass, Paul Richards, R. Galvanize

    • cover play_circle_filled

      03. Illenium
      Grover Crime, J PierceR

    • cover play_circle_filled

      04. Distrion Alex Skrindo
      Black Ambrose, Dixxon, Morris Play, Paul Richards

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 010
      Kenny Bass

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 009
      Paula Richards

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 008
      R. Galvanize

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 007
      Kenny Bass

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 005
      Gale Soldier

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 006
      J PierceR

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 004
      Kelsey Love

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 003
      Rodney Waters

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 002
      Morris Play

    • cover play_circle_filled

      Live Podcast 001
      Baron Fury

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